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Most HOA board members and property managers would agree that maintaining a community is a lot of work to manage, which is why committees play a huge role in the process. HOA committees typically consist of volunteer members who live within the community and are assigned by the board of directors to fit the needs of the community. Many HOA board members would say that committees are the lifeblood of a successful homeowners association. Committees offer residents and members of the community a chance to get involved with the HOA and provide a unique perspective on important decisions. When an issue arises, the committee refines and works through it prior to the HOA board members putting the stamp of approval on a plan of action.  


Types of HOA Committees    

If you’re new to an HOA and unsure of the different types of committees and their roles, you are not alone. There are multiple types of committees that are able to fulfill different purposes in the community. Here are just a few types of committees that homeowner associations and property management groups will implement:


  • Communications committee:
    Members of the communications committee are in charge of keeping residents and community members informed of events, news, and meetings. Committee members would primarily communicate through a property management software like Condo News Center, newsletters, and website updates.
  • Safety committee:
    These members will act as a point of contact with local law enforcement agencies to introduce a neighborhood watch program. Some communities will implement and become involved in a citizen-on-patrol program. The safety committee is not neighborhood security, and must not be referred to as a security committee.
  • Financial committee:
    In many associations, the financial committee is comprised of sub-committees; finance, budget, reserves, and investments. Each sub-committee will have different responsibilities to help develop an annual budget and keep costs in line throughout the year.
  • Architectural control committee:
    In order to maintain residential property values, architectural committee members keep the land and structures in accordance with the covenants, conditions, and restrictions that are established in the governing documents.
  • Landscape and maintenance committee:
    Landscape committee members oversee the look and sustainability of the community’s landscaping.
  • Social committee:
    Residents will hear from social committee members the most often, as they are responsible for creating events for holidays, organizing community garage sales, seasonal activities, and more. Social committees have the biggest impact on residents for bringing the community together.


These are the most common types of committees that HOA board members will have in place, but additional (or fewer) committees are possible. If your community has specialized needs, as a board member, you can determine whether it would be helpful to have a committee manage those needs.


At the end of the day, it is important to recognize the importance of your HOA committees. Not only do they allow specialization and managing tasks, but committees help save time and ensure things are done right. In addition to effective committees, every HOA and community management team needs an efficient online property management software to operate a successful HOA. Be sure to visit our site and demo Condo News Center’s association management software today!