We have your best interests in mind!

Secure, Private, Walled Garden

Condo Communications Center ensures sensitive information is transmitted in a highly protected environment.


Seamless communication between property managers and residents.  No more miscommunication and waiting for calls.


Centralized file sharing ensuring nothing is lost or misplaced.  Examples: Financial statements, budgets and schedules, Bylaws and relevant Legislation, meeting minutes and more.

Custom Branding

Identify your website with your own brand name.

Smart Phone and Tablet Accessible

Access all features and benefits on your site with your mobile devices.

Resident Participation

Residents can participate by providing news and information to the site as well as participating in the real time forum. Resident volunteers can easily manage the site!

Tutorial Video

A step by step instructional video on how to use the Condo Communications Center application is available on the CCC web site (view DEMO) and on the subscriber site under videos.

Simple to Use

Condo Communications Center is built with the customer in mind.  It is as simple as sign up and use it.


The software can be used for less than 10 units up to hundreds of units in a complex.


Everything is clear and easy to manage from one centralized location no matter where you are.

Video Broadcast

Enhances residents’ comfort of security. Broadcasting of a live webcam or security camera in common areas can be viewed 24/7 on your site by integrating your webcam software and camera. With Video Broadcast, absentee owners and directors can watch live and participate in General Meetings. (Top brand wireless single or multi web cams (Arlo, Nest, etc.) available at Amazon and major electronics retailers.)

Advertising Profit Center

Create a profit center with a fee based ad listing of trusted contractors who can provide private services to residents.