The benefits of living in a condo are enormous. You often get a lot of great amenities that you wouldn’t have in a single-family home, like pools, business centers, and an on-site gym. Plus, there is less maintenance so you can focus on exploring the city or building your career instead of yard work or residing your house. They are also usually maintained by an HOA, and more and more of them are using condo management software that makes it even easier to get involved in the condo community. The low-maintenance, big-amenity lifestyle of the condo dweller is part of the reason we’re seeing more and more condos being built. They are a great choice for anyone who wants to be close to city life while getting on the property ladder.

If you are searching for a great condo, here are five cities where you can find an amazing condo, and what you’ll love about it the most!

Find Great Condos in These U.S. Cities

For Downtown Living: Omaha, Nebraska

If you haven’t been to Omaha before, you might be surprised to see it on this list. Omaha left its cowtown image behind decades ago and is now a thriving city in the heartland of America. It’s downtown is pretty impressive, too, with clean streets dotted with independent restaurants, bars, and coffee shops. There is plenty to do, as well, with an arts center, baseball stadium, and theater all within walking distance. You get all of it at a great price, too; you can find one bedroom loft-style condos with all the best upgrades in the downtown area for less than $200,000. You get big-city style at a middle-America price.

For Availability: Houston, Texas

If you are having trouble finding a great place to rent, you might want to try Houston. A lot of building projects in this Texas city were abandoned during the housing crisis. Now that the economy is recovery and builders are able to get low-interest loans again, they are finishing these projects and getting them back on the market. Just because it took a while to get them finished doesn’t mean you’ll be settling, either. A lot of Houston condo complexes are coming with top-of-the-line amenities like theater rooms, outdoor BBQ areas, rooftop lounges, and more. So not only will you get your pick of the place, but you’ll get to enjoy a lot of amazing benefits that come with it.

For Affordability: Kansas City, Missouri

Tired of paying inflated rental prices? It’s an issue that’s plaguing a lot of communities across the United States, especially in areas like Denver, Colorado and San Francisco, California. But Kansas City has managed to escape the problem. Whether you choose to live on the Missouri side of the city or the Kansas side, you’ll be looking at an average rental price of $730 a month. That’s less than some people pay for a single room in a lot of rental markets across the United States, so it’s a great value. Kansas City is an up-and-coming midwestern city, too, with a growing foodie community and a music scene that will keep you well entertained. With those low rental rates, you’ll actually be able to afford to go out!

For Luxury: Boston, Massachusetts

If saving money is less of an issue and you want to pull out all the stops on your condo lifestyle, then it’s time to take a look at Boston. This East coast city is giving bigger cities like New York a run for their money in the luxury department. Just check out One Dalton. It’s a private residence tower brought to you by the Four Seasons, so you know it has to be good. The prices start at $2,000,000 and go up to an incredible $35,000,000 for the penthouse. What do you get for your money? A 70 foot lap pool, dog grooming room, in-home dining from the Four Seasons, and an indoor golf simulator. Those amenities almost make the price tag seem reasonable! It’s the tallest residential building in New England, so you’ll get amazing views as well.

For Amenities: Tulsa, Oklahoma

If you want to find the perfect balance of price and amenities, you’ll find it in Tulsa. The Oklahoma city is striking the perfect balance, with condos and apartments that offer the most popular amenities while still being an affordable option. In Tulsa, you’ll find more places with air conditioning, laundry facilities, dishwashers, fitness center, and places that are actually pet friendly, all with still being one of the most affordable rental markets in the country. There is plenty to do outside your condo, too, with an incredible live music scene and more great boutiques and cafes than you’ll be able to explore in a single year. It’s a super dog-friendly city, too, so not only will more condos welcome your furry friend, more stores, cafes, and parks will, too.

Looking For More Great Condo Locations?

These five cities are just the beginning! We have communities across the United States who are using our condo management software to keep their residents up-to-date and informed on all the latest news. We’ve seen some amazing places that we wouldn’t mind living ourselves! If the five cities listed above aren’t quite right for you, here are five more that we’d put on our list to consider:

  • Tucson, Arizona. It’s hot, but your condo is sure to come with air conditioning. It’s home to lots of great outdoor recreation, too, so you can explore the great outdoors before you come back in to cool off.
  • Louisville, Kentucky. With an average cost of $200,000 for a one-bedroom condo, this community is really affordable. You’ll find plenty to do here, too, with a thriving sports community that loves to rally behind their teams.
  • Columbus, Ohio. Cheap rent is drawing more and more people to this great midwestern city. It has a growing tech job market, too, so it’s pulling in a lot of younger workers. You can rent a place in this city for an average of $720 a month.